I Struggle Daily With Wanting to be Skinny but Also Wanting More Cinnabons

I think the title pretty much explains my every day struggle. Basically, I work out, probably not as much as I should, but a whole lot more than a lot of people. I’ll say I work out at least 3 times a week, on some cases more than that. When I’m in the gym, I go HARD. I go to cycling classes, body pump classes, martial arts classes, zumba and not including the days I just go and do my own workouts. I say all this to say, at the very end of my day, I still want goodies that’ll pack on at least an instant 20 pounds. My daily struggle: cinnabons.

See, I live directly across the street from the mall. Walking distance. And in that mall, a Cinnabon that stares me right in my face. Why do they have to be so good?! I’ve loved these things since I was a kid. The cinnamon, that icing, and all of that dough! I’m not sure how much fat or calories are in those things, but I’m pretty sure it’s more than I should inhale. There’s a time when I was heading to the gym, in my full workout gear, but I heard the sweet whisper of that glazy cinnabon saying “come get me.” And I did. So, with workout clothes on, I went over to the mall, gave the cashier my little 3 dollars and some change, and went in on that thing. Needless to say, I never made it to the gym. The addiction is real, but I want to look like Beyonce, so something has got to give.

Until next time…


Why Is Death and Destruction Interesting?

Control Room

This is my first post…yay! But let me start off by explaining what it is I do for a living. Actually, I’ll start off by telling you guys a little about myself. I’m a news (senior) producer. I’m 25. And I’m single. What an exciting life right? Now, let me go into what I actually do for a living. Each morning, sometimes at 7am, sometimes at 1am, depending on the day, I search for stories to fill up an hour of my audiences’ life. Most stories are about someone getting shot to death, or a mom abusing her child. We also get a lot of men getting busted for child porn or actually trying to sleep with children. You wouldn’t believe how many pervs live in Florida.

After I find stories that would depress even the happiest person, I have to write them. That’s the fun part. Trying to figure out how to say “A man was shot and killed today in Pine Hills,” and make it sound different from a story I just wrote. It’s the same thing, every single day. It comes to a point now where things like that don’t even bother us who work in the newsroom. That’s a problem. We actually joke about those kind of stories. Now that I think about it, producers, reporters, anchors, we are all pretty dark individuals. Don’t let it be a “slow news day,” that’s when the darkness really comes out of us. During slow news days, we are all hoping someone gets murdered, just so we can have content for our shows. How crazy is that?

So, when people tell me I have a cool and interesting life because I work in TV, I just want to know, what’s interesting about writing about death and destruction?