Trying to Find Bae…One Swipe at a Time

So, where do I start…do I start from the guy with the cornrows with beads on the end of his braids? Or do I start from the bird chest guy who has “gym rat” in his bio. I’ll just start with what this post is actually about.

I’ve never been one for online dating. It was never my “thing.” Honestly, I would just rather meet my husband the old fashion way, in person. Of course, I know, the guys you meet in person could be just as wacky as those online, but the way my mind is set up, I would think everybody was out to catfish me.

Anyway. I have this friend, her name is Mariah. One day over wine, I thought it would be fun to create a “Soul Swipe” for her. Most of me did it because I knew it would be hilarious. Another part of me did it because I wanted Mariah to find bae. Who knows, a few years from now I could be standing next to her while she said “I do” to her Soul Swipin’ hubby. You never know. Now, if you guys don’t know what “Soul Swipe” is, it’s an app that generates singles in your area. It’s supposed to be mainly for black people, although we saw a couple chocolate lovin’ snow bunnies in the mix. You can pick the age range you’re into as well as how far away you want potential bae to live. You must have a Facebook page to create a profile. They basically take your info (name, age, hometown and a few pics) from Facebook. You then swipe right if you like what you see or swipe left if you haaattedd it. Then, if you both like each other, you “match” and that’s when you’re able to start communicating.

Ok, so Mariah played along. She let me swipe left and right based on what I thought she liked. For hours we sipped our wine and swiped through men in the Orlando area. Funniest thing ever! If you ever just want pure entertainment, please, download a dating app on your phone. You can thank me later.

The agreement is that Mariah is supposed to match with a guy, then go out on a date. So, stay tuned, maybe she’ll meet bae, or maybe she’ll meet a creep, either way, stay tuned.