What If Gina Would’ve Listened to Pam?

gina and pam

It happens to us all. You tell someone what you are doing to better yourself, they tell you your plans won’t work. Or, you tell your friend about the rough times you’re going through with bae and they tell you how much you should leave. What about when you have a pretty dope idea that you’re excited about and they tell you that it’s dumb. You know what? Screw “they.”

Sometimes we get too wrapped up in the thoughts and opinions of people who don’t matter. Even if these people do matter, they don’t matter more than your dreams. It’s natural. We all seek validation. We all want people to be in agreement with us. However, when it all comes down to it, you have to live with the chances that you have or have not decided to take. Don’t let people talk you out of what you believe to be best for you. Even if it’s not best for you, ride for you. Go hard for you. No one else will. If you want to quit your job and move to California to live out your dream, do it. If you want to go back to school, go. If you’ve been thinking about starting a business, start it! Your determination has to be so strong that your own mama couldn’t persuade you otherwise.

As for relationships, stop including your friends and family in every aspect of your relationship. Sure, you need people in your corner when you’re going through something with your significant other, but you don’t need to tell them every single time he or she does something to upset you. That just leaves room for outside opinions that could ultimately ruin what you have. If you don’t showcase every time he sent you flowers just because, or every time she cooked and brought food to your job so you wouldn’t go hungry, then don’t showcase every argument. That’s how people get into your head and confuse your thoughts. That’s also how you end something prematurely. Ladies, stop listening to your girl who says “he ain’t nothing.” They’re not there when he’s catering to you after your long day of work. Some things should be left between you two. Besides, the more you complain about him or her, the crazier you look, especially when you stay with them. So, what’s the point.

So, what if Gina would’ve listened to Pam? She wouldn’t have married and had a happy life with Martin, right? [If you don’t get this reference, shame on you. Google it.] Moral of the story: Stop letting people detect your future. Listen to the inner you. Live for you. Ride for you.






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