Surround Yourself With Dopeness: Tahir Goes To Africa

Surround yourself with dopeness. I think I’ll write these every so often to show just how talented my circle is.

I have pretty dope friends. You ever just sit back and think about all the talent that surrounds you? If you don’t feel like you have to step your game up when you’re around your closest pals, well, those aren’t the pals you need to be around.

I want to talk about one of my closest friends, Tahir. Back in February, he got the chance to go to Ghana for 15 days. When he told me that he wanted to go over to Africa, I thought it was just an idea. Who knew a few months later he’d be there. What a journey! When he came back I was able to look at his pictures and videos and I felt like I was there. He truly captured the heart of Ghana. Check out his first video to his promo series that’ll lead up to the documentary! I’m surrounded, are you?

Follow him on Instagram @thevirtuouslion for more videos and photos!


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