Why I’m Happy President Obama Will Finally Be Out of Office


It’s just hours before President Barack Obama turns in the keys to the White House. He will no longer be the leader of the “free” world. Now, it’ll be in the hands of someone with no experience. Someone who publicly supports everything a normal human being, let alone a president, probably shouldn’t. Some examples are racism and sexual assault. Friday, when he takes the oath, it’ll all be over.

As much as I want to nail the Obamas to the oval office, I’m happy that our president will be out of office. I’m excited that the weight of this country will be off his shoulders. I love that he doesn’t have to deal with Republicans like he would if he were president.For eight years they have tried to break Mr. Obama. They threw every curveball to deflect attention away from the incredible job he was doing as our president. Each attempt to belittle Obama failed. He was attacked about everything from his birth certificate to the color of his suit. No other president has been disrespected the way Obama has been over the last eight years. However, he took each shot like a soldier. Now, I want Obama to say and do all the things he couldn’t while holding that top spot.

All I want now is for Obama to enjoy his family. Enjoy every part of knowing that no matter what opposers said or thought, he has made history. I thank him. I thank him for obvious reasons, but here’s to the not-so-obvious. I thank him for giving my black men confidence. No matter how much they tap dance on our last nerve, President Obama inspired our men. There are men who began wearing suits because of President Obama. I personally want to fist-bump him for that, honestly. There are also men who started to really believe in themselves during his two terms, which led to the making of some entrepreneurs.

Not only did he inspire men, he inspired women too. He gave us hope that maybe somewhere out there, it was another Barack waiting for us. I don’t know about you all, but I’ve seen a spike in black marriages in the last eight years. I want to believe that seeing a display of Barack and Michelle’s love helped with that.



I also thank  him for reminding America just how much Black men scare America. It’s no secret that the world has always been intimidated by them. That fact dates back to slavery days, but that’s another topic for another time. That’s why Republicans and everyone else gave Obama such a hard time. They didn’t think he was capable and when he showed that he was more than capable, it was frightening.

There will never be another president with as much style as Barack Obama. There will never be another first lady with Michelle’s grace. There will never be children living in the White House who will flourish with such elegance like Sasha and Malia.

Moving forward, Obama may be leaving the White House, but he’s not leaving my heart. Continue to be inspired. Continue to have faith. Continue to spread love. Don’t let the person inside the oval office dictate how you live your everyday life. I’m hoping this makes you motivated to follow your passions and add to President Obama’s legacy.



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