The Last Ride to McDonald’s: Giving Up the Desire to Date F*ckboys


Raise your hand if you like eating at McDonald’s. Now, raise your hand if you are still involved with someone you know you shouldn’t be involved with. I bet you’re trying to understand how those two relate. Don’t worry sis, I got you.

I recently received a visit from one of my bestfriends. Her trip was every bit of what I needed. She’s newly single after about four years. Naturally, the topic of f*ckboys came up one night and we started to wonder if our attraction to them would ever fade. Sure, we don’t purposely date them, it just kind of always happen. The grey sweatpants get us every time. My friend then brought up a good point. She’s now living a vegan lifestyle and thought about how her old food choices no longer tickled her fancy.  It took a while, but the desire faded. So if it can happen with food, it can happen with men, right?

No matter how much we say we want a good partner, we still choose the one we know isn’t right. We go for him because he’s tall and chiseled with a beard only coconut oil could have grown. Of course, no one wants their hearts two-stepped on, but we seem to go after the same type of guy, every time.  Or, we tend to make the same mistakes over again. We stay even when our gut is telling us to run like the guy from “Get Out.”  Or, sometimes we don’t realize we’re dealing with a f*ckboy until it’s too late. Whatever the case, it’ll get better. There will come a time when you can spot them within seconds and walk the other way, no matter how big the beard. Your yearning for those men who don’t measure up will dissipate.

Very few people I know still eat McDonald’s. The reasons for that should be obvious. I slowly eased my way off most fast food chains years ago. McDonald’s was the first to go. I used to love Big Macs back in middle school. But one day, I made the executive decision at the ripe old age of 13 that Big Macs were trash. After the initial satisfaction of the first bite, I realized what I thought was good was actually really poison. Since that day, I’ve been done with McDonald’s. Sometimes, it’s not that simple with men, though.

The goal is to be able to walk right past a f*ckboy the same way you drive past McDonald’s. The goal is to never again desire the company of a f*ckboy. Remember those Big Macs you were in love with? Nah? Me either. There isn’t a golden arch big enough or a commercial clever enough to ever make me want to even become curious about eating there again. This isn’t exclusive to just McDonald’s, though. Think of something else that you once loved that you can no longer stand the sight of. Think about those Four Lokos you drank back in college. You knew you were drinking death in a bottle, however, it got the job done fast and it was easy on your coins. That was back in college. Walk in a gas station now. You don’t even notice them, do you? I’m actually not even sure if Four Lokos are still on shelves. Why? Because I’m no longer checking for them.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to take care of you. It starts with changing your mindset. Begin believing that you are God’s child, which means you deserve love. It’s painful to figure out that someone isn’t for you. Let’s be honest though, just like when you creep up in that drive-thru line, you know it isn’t the best decision. But you continue to pull up to the second window and proceed home with your food. It isn’t until your stomach doesn’t feel so great, or you put on that extra pound that you really realize it wasn’t such a good idea. It’s the same thing for your taste in men. You know he isn’t right for you, but you continue to date him. There were signs right upon meeting him. When you went on your first date, something in you felt like it wasn’t right. However, for whatever reason, you proceed. Maybe you thought you were overreacting. Or the worst of them all, you saw potential in him. Whatever the case, you go against your intuition. It isn’t until you catch him cheating again or see him on the couch doing nothing that you realize enough is enough.

McDonald’s is still thriving. Why? Because America has low standards and thousands of people still eat there. If no one ate there, they’d be out of business. Ladies, if we were to elevate our taste buds as a unit, we’d put f*ckboys out of business.

Don’t let the idea of having somebody result in you settling for just anybody. In my best MLK voice, I have a dream that one day we’ll lose the desire to put an unworthy man’s needs before our own.  Your last trip to McDonald’s is coming.



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