TWUNNYseven Keys to Being My Best Me

Key to life, Conceptual photo. On color wooden background

It was the Tuesday before I was turning 27. Here I was, getting ready to take my birthday trip in two days, and I couldn’t be more excited. The weeks leading up to my birthday had been rough. I was being tested in every area of my life and I was beginning to become overwhelmed. So, I needed this trip. Turning a year older naturally gets your mind wandering. You begin to reevaluate life. I had begun the process of evaluating where I was and where I was headed. Then the trip of a lifetime happened. I was in Barbados. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. It owes me nothing, except for maybe a Rihanna sighting.

During the trip I had time to sit on the beach and take it all in. I thought about so much. Each day on the island was a new lesson for me. I wanted to go into this 27th year doing things a bit different. I wanted this to be my best year yet. So, while on the plane, dreading coming back to America, I started writing down 27 reminders to myself. I also wrote down things I noticed about myself that I would like to improve.  When 2017 started I told myself that I would go after what I wanted. That includes my happiness.

This was therapeutic and I’d suggest giving this a try. Sometimes you just need to see what you already know, on paper. So, here’s my 27 keys to becoming a better me!

1. Do things that feel good to me
2. Follow my bliss
3. Know my value and lift the price
4. Save more money
5. Be selfish sometimes (It’s okay)
6. Stop looking for validation
7. Don’t be afraid to make the decisions that are best for me
8. Spend more time with God
9. Learn to let go
10. Worry less
11. Stay positive during stressful times
12. DEMAND what it is I want
13. Be less passive
14. Live with more passion
15. Stop doing things I don’t want to do
16. Don’t be afraid to tell these men they aren’t good enough
17. Believe in myself
18. Learn something new every day
19. Do something to improve my craft every day, no matter how small
20. Love more, in all ways
21. Support my friends
22. Be confident
23. Manage my time better
24. Speak my mind when it’s worth it
25. Finish what I start
26. Stop allowing mediocrity from people

27. Try harder to keep in touch with loved ones





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