Let’s Tell a Dope Story: Social Our Women

Sadé Kay Creates has worked with Social Our on a couple of occasions. The membership-based association gathers goal-oriented women in Atlanta for monthly meetups, brunches, and networking events geared toward self-elevation. The team is composed of Mi’Lisa Patton who is the founder, Briana Strachan Cleveland, Eveshudawn Mitchell, Mia Whigham, Morgan Bullock and Verity Washington. Social Our’s goal is to inspire minority millennial women and build a community to help them excel in everything from their relationships to their careers. The organization is focused on curating authentic connections, purposeful communication and open collaboration amongst women.

Our very first meeting was Social Our’s first brunch. What a pleasure! Patton oozed such genuine passion for the organization. Entrepreneurs recognize the passion in others who are also building a brand. It was instantly seen with all the ladies who are involved with Social Our. They were welcoming to every guest, all of whom seemed to be in their 20’s and early 30’s. The brunch was full of cute vibes…and mimosas…because, duh!

Check out the video of Social Our Women’s first brunch.

The next time Social Our hired us was to shoot photos for their website. This was fun! It was a beautiful, hot April day. Their personalities really came out during the shoot. They laughed and joked with each other and their genuine bond came through off and on camera.

Social Our curates events often in the Atlanta area. If you want to check them out or attend their next event visit socialourwomen.com or on Instagram @socialourwomen.

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Instagram: @sadekaycreates

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