Let’s Tell a Dope Story: Well Khep Fitness & Nutrition


Keeping people healthy through fitness and nutrition is Oyah Kheperu’s passion. That’s one of the reasons she started Well Khep Fitness & Nutrition, LLC. Kheperu began training because it gave her joy to see people reach goals they’ve worked hard for. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology from Alcorn State University. After training herself and getting great results, Kheperu realized that she could help others. She says that most people aren’t taught how to properly eat, which is why she went a step further in offering nutritional plans. Kheperu is a personal trainer at Spelman, one of the top HBCUs in the country and has worked with clients such as singer, Bri Steves.



Take it from someone who has trained with her, she pushes you to reach whatever goal you told her you wanted to reach on day one. Not to worry, though, you’ll definitely have fun while shedding pounds or getting those gains. She really holds you accountable. If you are looking for a trainer in the Atlanta area, reach out to Kheperu on Instagram @wellkhep.

You can only get so much from my words, though. Click the video below to hear all about why she’s so passionate and how she’s looking to carry out her family’s name.


Shoot Location: Centennial Park

Sadé Kay Creates, LLC


Instagram: @sadekaycreates







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