Let’s Tell A Dope Story: Pearls of Esther


Pearls of Esther, Inc is reminding women everywhere to wear her crown! Sadé Kay Creates got the chance to film a promotional video featuring the founder of the organization, Brandy Stinson. She says she created it to help women flourish spiritually, mentally and professionally. It’s essentially a space where women can come together and empower one another.

Pearls of Esther, Inc. hosts regular conferences and retreats to give ladies the tools and encouragement to use their gifts for good. Not only that, but the organization also dishes out scholarships for young ladies in college. Stinson is definitely doing her part to educate women of what Bible verse Esther 4:14 is all about.


Here’s the video shot for Stinson and Pearls of Esther.

If you would like to connect with them, visit pearlsofesther.com or head to their  social media pages, Facebook page Pearls of Esther, Inc. and Instagram @pearlsofestherinc. 

                                Photos by: Naomi Hopkins Photography


Shoot Location: Piedmont Park
Shoot Insider:
She looks flawless in the video, but what you guys don’t see is that this was shot in November when a cold front hit Atlanta. It was under 40 degrees, so the footage was shot really fast to prevent Stinson from getting sick in her sleeveless gown. All in all, it was worth it for such dope shots. Stinson was a joy to work with and hearing her story and why she was so passionate about Pearls of Esther was inspiring.

Sadé Kay Creates, LLC


Instagram: @sadekaycreates

Facebook: Sade Kay Creates



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