Why Alton Sterling’s Death Has Motivated Me and Why it Should Do the Same for You

So, it’s been a while! I haven’t posted anything in months. I’ve been writing, but nothing that has been post-able, ya know? Crazy thing is, these last few months have been amazing. Not just regular amazing though, far better. Anyway, I’m super motivated tonight. I don’t know what did it, but I’m glad it happened! […]

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Public Service Announcement 

You do what you want when you’re poppin’ people. Isn’t it dope that you’re allowed to do whatever makes you happy? Like, you have that power to MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY. Isn’t it even more dope that nobody else has that power over you but you? How cool is it that you are designed to create […]

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Don’t Fight the Process

Growing is something that should happen during your years on this planet. You shouldn’t be the same person at 26 that you were when you were 16. Sure, some of your characteristics will stay the same, but evolution is inevitable. Don’t fight the process.

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That Melanin Doe…

The blacker the berry, the sweeter th…..you know the rest. Let me start by saying that there is nothing more phenomenal than that dark, chocolaty skin.  It’s like no other. No, literally, it’s like no other! What other pigment glistens in the sun, tans so effortlessly, and ages like, again I say, no other. That […]

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Ladies, I Blame You

He was tall. Honey-like skin. Nice smile. Well-dressed. Nice car. And a down-right idiot. I have this homegirl, Mariah. The other night, she was returning a Redbox movie when she was approached by a handsome young man. He had all of the fittings for her. Sure, she’s into chocolate men, but this guy made her […]

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